Dreadlocks Myths

Dreadlocks Myths

Most common myths about dreadlocks

All dreadlocks are dirty.

Dreadlocks are only dirty if you don’t take care of them and wash them. Not washing dreadlocks is the best way to ruin dreadlocks. You should wash your dreadlocks at least once a week.


You can’t wash dreadlocks.

Not washing dreadlocks is the best way to ruin dreadlocks. You should wash your dreadlocks at least once a week.


Anyone with dreadlocks is dirty.

Not true!! Dreadlocks need to be washed at least once a week.


Not combing your hair is the only way/best way to make dreadlocks.

This is called the Neglect method, this is how cavemen made dreadlocks, by just not doing anything to their hair. Thank the Lord we have found new ways to make them because this method take at least a year and the hair doesn’t even look like dreads during the time, and many people who have made dreads this way have ended up with such severe dandruff cases they had to cut their dreadlocks off and start over, usually with the backcombing method.


Wax is not a natural dreadlocking product.

Wax is probably the most natural product you can use on dreadlocks. It comes from bees that are from nature.


Backcombing is not natural.

Backcombing is just about the most natural way to make dreadlocks. Anyone who tells you this doesn’t know much about dreadlocks.


Only black people can have dreadlocks.

Obviously the person who told you this has never see anyone who is Asian, Indian, or Caucasian with dreadlocks. Dreadlocks actually look very nice on Asian, Indian, and Caucasian. Many people believe that dreadlocks actually were first worn by the Asian Indians that crossed over from Asia and Europe to Alaska and Canada. Dreadlocks were also wore during Biblical times by John the Baptist and Samson. Dreadlocks were also worn in the 1400-1500’s by Asian Emperor’s.


Nice dreadlocks are high maintenance.

Most dreadlocks are not high maintenance. The only kinds of dreadlocks that are high maintenance are dreadlocks made from dread perms. Dreadlocks made with the backcombing, twist and rip, twist and pin, neglect, and brush rubbing methods are not high maintenance at all.


The neglect method is the only way to make natural dreadlocks.

Not true at all. There are many other methods that are natural, such as Backcombing, Twist and Rip, Twist and Pin, Twisting, Dread Braiding, and Brush Rubbing.


Rubberbands break the hair.

False. Rubberbands hold the hair together while the dreadlocks are forming to keep the dreadlocks from falling out. So many people and so many sites wouldn’t recommend them if they didn’t do such a great job.


Dreadlocks damage your scalp.

Dreadlocks do not damage your scalp. In fact your scalp never even knows you have dreadlocks, because the hair starts to dread about an inch away from the scalp.


You have to shave your head when you don’t want dreadlocks anymore.

False statement. You don’t even have to cut your hair when you want to take the dreadlocks out. Here are the ways to take dreadlocks out:

1. You can cut or shave your head if you don’t care about your hair, this is the fastest way to remove the dreadlocks.

2. Cut the deadlocks until they are about 3 inches long and then soak the rest of the dreadlocks in Dread Removal Cream and comb them out. This will leave you with about 4 or 5 inches of hair.

3. You love your hair and want to keep it. Just soak the dreadlocks in Dread Removal Cream and comb them out, it may take a couple hours but you will get to keep your hair. Don’t worry if you lose a lot of hair while you are combing
the dreadlocks out, this is hair that would have fallen out in the day-to-day hair removal cycle. The only reason you still have it is because you had dreadlocks and dreadlocks keep the hair all knotted together.


Mayonnaise, Honey, Toothpaste, Glue, Rubber Cement, Mud, Chewing Gum, Peanut Butter, Shea Butter, Candle Wax and Hair Gel all work great for starting dreadlocks.

Yea, if you want your dreadlocks to fall out, and want to suffer from nasty bacteria and mold growing in your hair. These products are not used or recommended for one reason, they don’t work. They were not made for dreadlocks, and there is no reason to try to make them work, if you’re going to make dreadlocks do it right, get some DreadHead wax and shampoo follow the instructions and you will have great dreads.


Any products that mention or say for dreadlocks will work on dreadlocks.

False. Most products that say for dreadlocks usually aren’t they are supposed to be used to condition African hair. If the product contains any petroleum then it is your dreadlocks worst enemy.


Dreadlocks are for rastas only.

It is a common misconception that dreadlocks were started by Rastas and only Rastas should wear them. It is common knowledge that cavemen wore dreadlocks, not for spiritual reasons, not for fashion, just for the fact that the comb wasn’t invented yet. It is ok for you to wear dreadlocks if you are wearing them for fashion, and it is ok for you to wear dreadlocks if you are doing it for spiritual reasons, hey, whatever works for you.

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