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Dreadlocks FAQ

What are dreadlocks? 

Dreadlocks are matted hair.

How long does my hair have to be to make dreadlocks?

Your hair should be at least three inches long to start dreadlocks.

Will my hair grow when I have dreadlocks?

Your hair will grow when you have dreadlocks, " it will seem like your hair is growing slower, but it isn't. The reason it seems like your hair is growing slower is because the hair is growing zig zag and dreadlocking.

What do I do when my hair grows? How do I dreadlock it?

You can use the clockwise rubbing method on the DreadHeadHQ site to make your roots dreadlock.

If I get dreadlocks and I don't like them will I have to shave my hair?

You do not have to shave your head when you want to t o out the dreadlocks y
ou don't even have to cut your hair. Here are the ways to take dreadlocks out:

1. You can cut or shave your head if you don't care about your hair, this is the
    fastest way to remove the dreadlocks.
2. Cut the deadlocks until they are about 3 inches long and then soak the rest of
    the dreadlocks in VO5 conditioner and comb them out. This will leave you
    with about 4 or 5 inches of hair.
3. You love your hair and want to keep it. Just soak the dreadlocks in VO5
    conditioner and comb them out, it may take a couple hours but you will get to
    keep your hair. Don't worry if you lose a lot of hair while you are combing
    the dreadlocks out, this is hair that would have fallen out in the day-to-day hair
    removal cycle. The only reason you still have it is because you had dreadlocks
    and dreadlocks keep the hair all knotted together.

Can I dreadlock my hair myself?

You can dreadlock your hair yourself using the backcombing, twist & rip, twist & pin, twisting, brush rubbing, dread braiding, and neglect methods.

What are natural dreadlocks?

Natural dreadlocks are dreadlocks made without the use of harsh chemicals.

What are the different methods you can make natural dreadlocks?

Twist and Rip
Twist and Pin
Brush Rubbing
Dread Braiding

How long until the dreadlocks look like dreadlocks?

The dreads will look like dreadlocks after you make them if you use the backcombing, twist and rip, twist and pin, twisting, or brush rubbing method. It will take about 3-6 months for the dreads to lock up completely with these methods. The dreads will look like dreads in about a year with the dread braiding and neglect method, and they will lock up at about the same time.

Can I wash my dreadlocks?

Yes, you can wash your dreadlocks. You should wash your dreadlocks at least once a week, but most people wash every three days. Make sure you use a residue free shampoo when you wash your dreads, it's the most important product you can use on your dreads. I recommend DreadHead residue free shampoo.

How often should I wash my dreadlocks?

You should get in the habit of washing your dreadlocks every three days, your dreadlocks will lock up fast and they will look and smell good at the same time. As long as you wash your dreads once a week you should be fine.

Do I have to stop washing my hair for a long time before I make dreadlocks?

No, actually you should wash your hair with residue free shampoo right before you make the dreadlocks and let you hair air dry.

Do I have to use a different shampoo when I have dreadlocks?

Yes, you need to use a shampoo that leaves no residues behind in your hair and removes residues that are in your hair. The reason using this kind of shampoo is so important when you have dreadlocks is because dreadlocks like to hold stuff. When you have normal hair the residues are free to fall out and fall out while you are brushing your hair, but when you have dreadlocks you don't brush your hair, and the hair isn't free to let the residues fall out. So the residues begin to build up, and after a while they can cause the dreadlocks to mold. The residues also lubricate the hair, so the knots can't tighten as much as they could if there were no residues there.
I recommend DreadHead residue free shampoo.

Is wax good for dreadlocks?

Wax is great for dreadlocks, it helps moisturize them while holding together while they are new, and it is a great conditioner for older dreadlocks.
I recommend DreadHead Wax.

Is Aloe good for dreadlocks?

Aloe is a good dread conditioner, but only use it as a dread conditioner, it can't hold new knots together at all.